News |Hireacamera paying 50% of courier fees and donating to NHS Charities

Hireacamera paying 50% of courier fees and donating to NHS Charities


Angela spoke to Guy Thatcher, the Founder and Managing Director of Hireacamera to find out how his business is adapting to the current situation.

Naturally, it’s a very difficult time, but Hireacamera has been able to help lots of clients by offering live-streaming solutions, from very simple dongle connections to something a bit more elaborate. It’s even able to help with some of the broadcasts we’ve been seeing from people’s homes on TV.

Also, Hireacamera is currently paying 50% of the courier costs for hired gear and 10% of all proceeds during the lockdown are being donated to NHS charities.

Hireacamera is able to supply a huge range of kit from compact cameras and GoPros to enthusiast-level cameras and lenses from wide range of manufacturers, as well as pro-level kit for photographers and videographers.

Follow the link to visit the Hireacamera website


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