News |HEX launch Ranger camera bag range

HEX launch Ranger camera bag range

HEX launch Ranger camera bag range

Fashion brand HEX have just announced their new Ranger camera bag range which will feature the all-new Clamshell Backpack and Sling.

Each bag will be available in a choice of black Cordura or Camo. Although known for their stylish attire HEX have gone to great lengths to ensure that their new bags don’t just look great but are fully functional.

Throughout the design and development process HEX worked with a collection of photographers, listening to their needs and looking at the way bags are used. The result is two new bags with photographic innovation that will appeal to all levels of photographer, especially the style conscious.

“We have been really involved in the photography community for many years,” says Trent Valladares, Co-Founder. “and we are very excited to have had the opportunity to include input from photographers into these bags. We think the results speak for themselves.”

Hex Clamshell Backpack

The new backpack isn’t just a new design for HEX but also a completely new concept. The patent-pending design enables photographers to control the setup of the bag so that the camera can be loaded from the top, left or right side.

HEX launch Ranger camera bag range

Inside the space is divided by a selection of EVA foam partitions which can be positioned to suit. HEX also provide a range of padded faux-fur lined pockets to store and protect cards, phones and other delicate items.

A smart addition and one that will be welcomed by any travelling photographer is the inclusion of a pass-through slot so the bag can quickly be hooked onto roller luggage.

A there’s a good amount of additional pockets for more accessories, water bottle, compression straps and other attire.

The Clamshell Backpack retails for $199.95

HEX Sling

Alongside the Clamshell is the HEX Sling which has been designed to partner the backpack, for when you want to travel light.

A fold-out base pad enables the sling to be packed down flat so it’s easy to stash in your carry on case when jetting off to your favourite location.

HEX launch Ranger camera bag range

As with the Clamshell it features EVA foam divides that can be configured to suit your style of use and add the structure you need.

There’s also a good volume of pockets around the bag which will offer plenty of options.

The Sling retails for $99.95

We’ve taken a look at a few of the HEX bags in the past and have been impressed with the design and quality. We’ll bring you more and a full review soon.

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HEX launch Ranger camera bag range
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HEX launch Ranger camera bag range
HEX launch Ranger camera bag range which will feature an all new backpack and sling
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