Here’s what happens when you take a Nikon D810 to Burning Man

Here’s what happens when you take a Nikon D810 to Burning Man

Lens Rentals took a Nikon D810 to the infamous Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert, and the results will shock any photographer.

Lens Rentals has seen it all in their repair department – salt water damage, sand in the zoom mechanism of lenses. But they weren’t prepared for the fine alkali dust that blows through the Burning Man festival.

Nikon D810 tear-down

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Just take a look at the state of that D810! And this wasn’t anything atypical. The camera went through common use at the festival.

All was not lost, though. The company put the Nikon camera through one of its patented strip-downs and found that while the outside of the camera was caked in dust, Nikon’s weather sealing protected the inside of the camera from much of the dust.

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Areas around the rubber seals were clean, and most of the dust that made it inside seemed to come from around the viewfinder.

Visit Lens Rentals’ blog for all of the fascinating step-by-steps of their Nikon tear-down. It’s a great reminder of how much work and complexity goes into making these machines that we hold dearly around our neck.


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