News |Hasselblad V1D: square format digital camera concept could be a reality by end of 2017

Hasselblad V1D: square format digital camera concept could be a reality by end of 2017

Hasselblad V1D 4116 concept camera

Swedish camera manufacturer, Hasselblad, could produce a square format medium format camera within 14 months according to the company CEO.

Photographic companies often like to test the water with concept products at Photokina and one of the cooler potential offerings on show this year is on the Hasselblad stand.

Protected behind glass is a mock-up of a Hasselblad V1D 4116 camera that would (conceptually) shoot square images and it’s attracting lots of admirers.

Naturally it’s possible to crop rectangular images to square, and many cameras offer such a feature in-camera, with some showing the crop at the shooting stage.

But the idea of using a camera with a square sensor is appealing, especially to those who cut their teeth shooting 6×6 images on medium format film.

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Hasselblad V1D 4116 concept camera

Hasselblad heritage

The Hasselblad V1D is inspired by the Hasselblad V system cameras and has a modular build. The black body is made from aluminium and the screen, lens, viewfinder and handle are detachable.

Hasselblad even goes so far as to suggest that the photographer could decide where to position the screen; on the back or sides of the camera and maybe even have two fitted at the same time.

The V1D concept camera on display on the Hasselblad stand had a handle on the right side to suit right-handed photographers, but this (could in theory) be switched to the other side side for left-handers.

Similarly, the aperture and shutter speed controls can be positioned on either side.

Speaking exclusively to Camera Jabber, Hasselblad’s CEO Perry Oosting said that the company would be putting out the feelers over the coming weeks, drawing upon a network of professional photographers and Hasselblad retailers to canvas opinion about the viability of such a product.

There’s currently no prototype camera in existence, but if customer feedback indicates there is a demand, the budget can be found and satisfactory components (specifically a square display screen) can be sourced, the as Hasselblad V1D could become a reality.

Hasselblad’s concept is that the camera would used a cut-down version of the 100Mp sensor in the H6D-100C.

Coincidentally, chopping down the size of this sensor to make it square creates a 75Mp sensor – which ties in nicely with Hasselblad’s 75th anniversary this year.

According to Oosting, the engineering itself isn’t a major challenge and if Hasselblad were to go ahead and make the square format camera a reality it could be done in as little as 14 months, making the launch date late 2017.


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