Gudsen’s Moza Air offers 3-axis stabilization for your DSLR, CSC


Chinese manufacturer Gudsen has launched the Moza Air – price tag $599 – a new 3-axis stabilization system for use with mirrorless cameras and DSLRs.

The Moza Air is the latest addition to Gudsen’s range of Moza gimbals and offers remote control capability via a handheld joystick. What’s more, you can download an app to your phone that extends the range of this remote control feature to 10 metres.

The Moza Assistant app also enables you to set up a time-lapse sequence that programs the Moza Air to rotate in slight increments.

In fact, the Moza Air gimbal can rotate 360 degrees and allows users to position their camera above or below the hand grips.

The Moza Air is powered by three lithium batteries and can run for up to four hours, Gudsen says.

Via DPReview