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GoXtreme has a proven track record when it comes to action cameras with their flagship product, the Black Hawk 4k rivalling the GoPro Hero 4 Black when it was released.

The GoXtreme Vision 4k hits the top end of the budget market and packs in features that will appeal to both beginners and seasons action camera uses.

Following the traditional action camera style and featuring a waterproof housing to protect delicate camera inside the Vision 4k has an instant and comfortable feeling of familiarity.

Design and features are carefully balanced providing crowd pleasing 4K at 24fps alongside more workable resolutions and framerates such as 1080p at 60 or 30fps.

The Vision 4K retail package contains a host of useful accessories that enable you to get straight into capturing the action without the need to fork out more cash for additional mounts.

The specifications and package offer an action camera that looks sure to provide reliable performance at a decent price and quality.

For GoXtreme Vision 4K

  • Well priced
  • 1080p at 60fps
  • Decent LCD

Against Product

  • Basic feature set
  • Confusing dual app option
  • Poor low light performance


The action camera market is segmenting with the budget end now clearly divided.

There’s a sub £50 bracket of cameras that sail on the back of the genre’s popularity, however, pay a little more and you start to get real robust performance with cameras such as the Vision 4K.

The GoXtreme vision 4K shows the manufacturer has cherry-picked the best features from the previous generation of cameras and refined them from the Vision 4K.

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