News |GoXtreme announces the GoPro challenging Black Hawk 4K

GoXtreme announces the GoPro challenging Black Hawk 4K

GoExtreme Black Hawk 4k

There are few action cameras aside from GoPro and the big brands that are able to gain traction in the sector, but one that has managed to gain quite a bit of interest is the GoXreme Black Hawk. Checking through the specs it’s easy to see why this small camera has become the point of so much interest, it’s not because of its looks but the sensor and processor that it contains,.

GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K features a powerful Ambarella A12 processor

It couples the Ambarella A12 processor, a chipset that has impressed in the SJ7 and many other action cameras, this has been placed with the Sony IMX117 12mp sensor that’s capable of capture stills at 16mp. Impressive stuff, but what gets us action camera freaks really excited is the fact that this coupling enables quality and specs that directly rival that of the GoPro Hero4 and 5.

OK the Hero5 has added features such as voice recognition, but when it comes to out right video quality there’s a very high likely hood that the side-by-side you’ll be either hard pushed to see the difference or the Black Hawk should just have the edge.

The camera is fronted by the usual compact lens  that offers an ultra wide angled 170 degree field-of-view.GoExtreme Black Hawk 4k

Spec wise this means that you have a camera with rear 2-inch LCD is capable of shooting 4k at 30 fps and 1080p at 120fps. Because it uses that latest generation of sensor and processor the quality of that high speed footage should take a slight step up over that captured by the Hero4, definitely something I’m looking forward to checking out.

Off diving this summer then the 60m waterproof housing of the GoXtreme Black Hawk 4K is ideal

The Black Hawk look set to be a thoroughbred action camera and follows the tradition waterproof housing design that will protect the camera down to 60m, that’s a good 30m greater than the GoPro Hero5 without an addition case and 20m more than the Hero4 with the standard case. To appeal to those who have used GoPro there’s the ability to adjust HDR, Colour, ISO and Exposure along with many other options.

As we’re come to expect from these cameras the GoXtreme will also feature WiFi and the an app for iOS and Android.

Of course all this means nothing if the price isn’t competitive but with a MSRP of just €259 this definitely looks like a camera to watch. The Black Hawk will go on sale in July and our test sample has just landed!

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