Sony’s announcement of the RX0 reinforces the growth of the action camera market in ways that we just couldn’t have foreseen. Compact go-anywhere cameras are cool for a start but as large swathes of people have dumped their standard compact cameras in place of their smartphones, the growth of the action camera is a little surprising to some.

Adaptability and size is what has really driven people to these small cameras and Sony really seems to have grasped how the use of action cameras is evolving. After all, Sony is not new to action cameras or compact cameras of this size.

The Sony RX0 finally looks to be a decent successor to the old Sony U-10 launched back in 2002. This was a small go-anywhere compact roughly the same size as one of today’s action cameras and it was perfect for capturing stills just about anywhere.

It also featured a relatively wide 35mm equivalent lens. It looks like at some point in the last year one of these has mated with an FDR-3000.

Sony RX0 action camera announced, offering advanced photo, video in ultra-compact body