GoPro rolls out Mobile OverCapture feature for Fusion 360 camera

GoPro Fusion Overcapture mode

GoPro has officially launched the OverCapture feature for its Fusion 360 camera, which allows users to select any vantage point from a spherical video and extract that view in a traditional-format, Full HD video.

The feature was one of the big selling points of the Fusion when it was launched at the end of last summer, but at the time GoPro said it wouldn’t be available on the Fusion until early 2018.

True to its word, GoPro used CES to announce it has released its Mobile OverCapture editing tool as an update to the GoPro App.

Now, the Mobile OverCapture update is only available for iOS devices at this time, but Android compatibility will come in the next month, GoPro says.

Here’s a short video explaining how OverCapture works.