News |GoPro launches Open GoPro API for developerss

GoPro launches Open GoPro API for developers

GoPro Hero9 Black Review

GoPro has unveiled a new Open GoPro API scheme that allows third-party developers to incorporate the Hero9 Black into new applications.

The new Open GoPro API gives developers access to Hero9 Black features such as its wireless connectivity, camera command and control, camera status, camera preview and SD card media review and transfer capabilities.

GoPro says that now application or approval process is needed for developers to get started working with the API.

Open GoPro is available for use with the Hero9 Black as of now with the release of the camera’s latest firmware update v1.6. You can update your GoPro’s firmware via GoPro’s Quik app as well as on

The new firmware includes the following additional updates:

  • Improved camera power on/power off speed and consistency
  • Improved Quik app connectivity
  • Improved touch screen sensitivity in menus and settings
  • Improved reliability when using ‘The Remote’ to control your camera

You can find more information here about the Open GoPro API. And read more about which specs we expect to see in the GoPro Hero10 Black.

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