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New GoPro Karma release date revealed

GoPro Karma

GoPro delt a swift and devastating blow to many Christmas lists in 2016 with the announcement that the GoPro Karma release date would be delayed until sometime in 2017.

Production and technology issues were a running tech theme throughout 2016, and GoPro weren’t the only company to suffer set backs, especially when it comes to power and drones.

Samsung hit headlines with their phone batteries and recently we’ve also heard that the hotly anticipated Lilypad drone has run it’s course, and closed before launch. With these and other announcements there was the worry that we might never get to see the GoPro Karma Drone.

But don’t worry, GoPro has just announced that the GoPro Karma drone will be launched in the UK this spring, although a specific date has yet to be confirmed. Initial shipments will be limited so if you haven’t already, place your orders.

If you haven’t heard of the GoPro Karma drone then it’s well worth checking out on the GoPro website. It’s the compact drone that, like the GoPro Hero5 Black, is designed to travel with you. It’s small size means that it’s far easier to transport than previous commercially available drones.

The Karma is designed for use with the GoPro Hero5 Black and directly attaches to the front of the drone on an innovative removable gimbal stick, the Karma grip.

In flight this gives full 3-axis stabilization for smooth footage. When the karma lands the Karma grip can then be used as a standalone stabilizer for any activity you choose.

The big delay was caused by an issue with the battery latch, this isn’t too uncommon with drones, it’s just that GoPro admitted to the flaw and sort to correct it before putting the drone and general release. That catch has now been redesigned and is ready to go.

GoPro Founder Nick Woodman says: “Karma is the ultimate aerial, handheld and wearable stabilizations solution for the GoPro community.

“As the consumer drone market continues to grow, Karma delivers the most versatile solution at a very accessible price.”

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