We’ve been shooting with the GoPro Hero6 Black since it was announced, and have been testing the action camera in its 4K at 60 frames per second video mode.

The short clip above is a sample video shot at 4K at 60fps on the GoPro Hero6 Black, and as you can see it’s rather impressive.

The ability to record video in 4K at 60fps has been one of the most anticipated new features of GoPro’s new flagship action camera, and though we’ve noted a few issues with the Hero6 Black’s lens, its footage has nevertheless been pretty impressive.

Our tests are still ongoing, and you can see our GoPro Hero6 Black sample video from 1080p at 240fps here. And we have much more to come.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments then let us know!

How to shoot a time lapse video with a GoPro Hero6 Black