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GoPro Hero5 sample footage Review

GoPro Hero5 Black video sample

First time out with the GoPro Hero5 Black and I have to say so far the changes I’ve seen to the way the camera works are incredible. The biggest change is the ease of accessing settings with the new touch screen, flipping between 4K and 1080p really couldn’t be easier, as was swapping frame rates.

The new design made little difference to how the camera attached and actually side-by-side against the Hero4 there really is little in it when it comes to size and shape.

The weather today was typical late autumn, early winter with sun and clouds. So from todays ride a quick edit of the footage. This has been shot at 1080p and at 60fps with PT on. I haven’t adjusted the footage in anyway other than to edit in FCPX.

First impressions are that the first and third clip look like they’re lacking detail and a bit over saturated. I filmed with a Hero4, Olfi one.five and Wasp 4K all on the similar settings so will compare the footage, but for now…

This next clip shows the 4K video, it was rather overcast but generally think the GoPro handled the lighting conditions exceptionally well.


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