You’ll notice that the GoPro is void of screen so out of the box there’s no way to actually see what your going to be recording. However with a field of view of 170 degrees, fish eye, the small GoPro lens can capture a huge amount so while you might not be sure of exactly what it’s capturing after a couple of sessions you should have a good idea.

Just think that the GoPro will capture exactly what you see, so look forward and point the camera in the same direction and what you see and what the GoPro see’s will be pretty much one in the same thing, which makes sense.

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What you need to take into account is that the GoPro is positioned on a mount which is generally attached directly to or very close to something.

So for example if you attach the camera to your handle bars and point it directly forward it will capture everything directly in front of you with a good amount of sky and ground.

You can check this composition roughly by lowering your nose to the bar and looking in the exact same direction as the lens, which should all sound simple and straight forward.

Where things start to get a little tricky is when the camera is positioned at a low or high view point, so if you have attached the GoPro to the bottom of your forks but keep the direction of the lens pointing directly forward and parallel to the ground,  your footage is going to show a large quantity of ground racing past.

In this kind of situation, angling the camera up just slightly will capture more of the sky, bike and action and less of the disappearing earth.

If however you’re about to jump a double decker then you may want to leave the camera in the horizontal position or even tilt it down.

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Tilting the camera down is common when using Quadcopter’s such as the DJI Phantom as really with the footage you want to capture the ground from a high view point and not just the under belly of the craft, propellers and sky.

The position takes a while to master and the Silver and Black versions of the camera both have a super wide option that can be handy when checking composition is impossible.

When you’re starting out the best technique is to practice and it then wont take you too long to understand what is and what isn’t captured.

For those who feel that composition is key and don’t want to leave it luck that the footage will be perfectly framed then there are two options, either the clip on the LCD screen accessory or connect through Wi-Fi (Only available in the Silver or Black versions).

Different ways to attach your GoPro Hero