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GoPro Hero7 announced

GoPro Hero 7 Announced

Finally, in time for Photokina 2018, the GoPro Hero7 has been announced! Ok, so we knew it was coming and we’ve seen a few leaks in the last week, but it’s great to finally see it. I say it, for as we know there are three models.

As we reported last week there will be three versions the Black, Silver and White, so a return to the old format that we saw with the previous generation of GoPro Hero 3 and 4 cameras.

It also looks like the launch may have been pushed forward due to a leak…

The form factor of the new Hero cameras looks to be much the same as before, and as with the 5 and 6 the only distinguishing factor will be the logo down the side of the lens. Actually checking out the pictures that logo looks to be a little bolder than in the previous 3 versions.

What is a surprise is that the new model will retail for just $399, 429 Euros and £379 for the Black, $299 329 Euros for the Silver and $199 219 Euros for the White. So really competitive when it comes to price.

The big new features of the Hero7 Black seems to be the smoothness of video and Livestreaming.

GoPro HyperSmooth image stabalisation

Smoothness may seem like a rather peculiar new feature, we’ve seen in-camera image stabilisation in previous generations of GoPro, but now it looks like they’ve gone one step further with the HyperSmooth feature.

Essentially the new HyperSmooth feature enables the camera to steady clips in real time and the entire process is handled digitally rather than any clever physical mechanics with the optics or sensor.

It works in the same way as most other digital image stabilisation by cropping into each frame to minimalise the effects of knocks and bumps in the footage.

This is exactly the same as the previous generation, but it seems here there’s been a huge enhancement in the image processing which takes the new HyperSmooth image stabilisation to the next level.

What is surprising is that GoPro has actually said that the results achieved through the new HyperSmooth feature are better than those that can be achieved by using the GoPro Karma Grip. If this statement is true then this really could be a major game changer.

It also makes you think, is the GoPro Hero7 actually a new camera at all, or is it just the GoPro Hero 6 with updated firmware?

What I do find really interesting is that the GoPro has said and shown that the new stabilisation will cut the effects of vibrations. Anyone who uses their GoPro on a bike handlebar mount from GoPro will know exactly how infuriating this vibration motion can be, so to see an end to it would be a major game changer.

The new HyperSmooth feature will also work in water – er, which I think goes without saying.

As the new feature is all digital rather than optical there will be some amount of warping that can appear in video. This effect is often a payoff that video editors battle when stabilising handheld footage and while not pleasant it’s often a necessary evil.

I’m interested to see the effects of the GoPro image stabilisation vs Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro’s built-in stabilisation features.

One coupling of features that GoPro has made is the new HyperLapse feature that enables you to shoot timelapse sequences with the HyperSmooth technology, the effects are stunning and this could be a real winner for scene setting for filmmakers.

Some tie in with the GoPro App and FiLMiC Pro at some point has to be a natural evolution.

I’ve also just finished review the Mavic 2 Pro an amazing drone and well worth a purchase. One of the interesting features of the new drone was the HyperLapse feature, essentially exactly the same feature as the GoPro but from the sky. Does this show that there could well be a deal in the background or more likely it’s just a natural feature progression?

GoPro Social Streaming

Being able to broadcast your video live is a major step for GoPro. OK, it was possible before and I showed you how to get this done using Periscope a while back. But now it’s official and looks easier to use than ever.

This is exciting stuff and I think will project the GoPro Hero brand forward to a new set of users. Ok, it’s still an action camera but these new features all start to free it from the constraints of the action camera market.

In a world that sees itself reflected from the viewpoint of your mobile, it’s going to be a hard task to squeeze in the GoPro. But then with the extended battery and storage that GoPro has, it will be a had but not impossible sell.

If it could take dictation notes then it would be an absolute winner, that really drains your battery – much like broadcasting live social streams from your phone.

Initial livestreaming support will be for FaceBook, this could explain why it’s been a pain to connect through Periscope for the last month or two, other social platforms will be added soon.

What else is new for the GoPro?

More audio enhancements to help cut down noise when the GoPro is in the mount. This is simply, I say simply it probably took months of testing, a redesigned microphone membrane.

A new SuperPhoto mode, this is an auto tune feature that applies noise reduction and HDR effects when the camera feels it’s needed.

A new Auto detection for the orientation of the camera.

The Specifications of the three models look good and there’s a fair step-up in overall quality.

GoPro Hero7 Black

The Black version now boasts 4K at 60fps and 1080p at 240fps, it’ll be waterproof to 33ft that’s 10m, so same as before, again voice control, touch screen and 8x slow motion, built-in GPS, HDR, HyperSmooth Video and LiveStream! Wait.. er the only difference here is the live stream…

The Hero7 has live streaming is something that we’ve been hoping for here at Camera Jabber for some time.

GoPro Hero7 Silver

4K at 30fps and the rest of the specs look like more of what we’ve seen before, waterproof to 33ft, 10m, GPS, Voice control, 2 X x Slow motion and WDR. Errr, we’ll have to update you on that soon.

GoPro Hero7 White

Here the Specs drop again and this is pretty much the GoPro Hero 2018. 1080p 60fps, voice control, touchscreen.

Specification wise it doesn’t look like a great deal but things are slowly moving forward – really the big update here is live streaming. I really am going to have to catch-up with GoPro to find out what’s going on. Really LiveStream is that it – no fluro?

GoPro Hero7 Announced
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GoPro Hero7 Announced
Finally, the GoPro Hero7 has been announced and as expected there are three versions the Black, Silver and White. We look forward to full reviews soon.
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