GoPro Fusion firmware update fixes timelapse, ISO, file management issues

GoPro Fusion

GoPro has released a firmware update to its Fusion 360 camera that makes a number of performance and usability improvements, including issues with timelapse mode, ISO and file management.

GoPro Fusion firmware version 1.70 introduces performance improvements, which include:

  • In bright lighting conditions, Photo mode ISO issues have been fixed
  • Fixed Time Lapse Video chapter issue
  • Improved file management with SD cards
  • Improved camera power down stability

Fusion firmware version 1.70 also adds some usability enhancements, which include:

  • Multiple charging issues resolved
  • Pairing issues fixed with GoPro app
  • Improved preview for specific modes within GoPro app

GoPro says it has also added a number of other undisclosed general improvements and bug fixes.

Visit GoPro‚Äôs website to get the update, or get it via the GoPro app if your phone supports the Fusion. If your phone doesn’t support the Fusion in the GoPro app, as most Android devices do not, read our tutorial on how to manually update your GoPro Fusion with new firmware.