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HOW TO... Google Photos’ latest update stabilises videos after you record them

The latest update to the Google Photos Android app aims to stabilise your video footage after it’s been recorded.

The novel feature isn’t an optical stabilisation and works by cropping into your footage to stabilise each frame of your video. While not ideal for optimum quality, it’s quite a handy tool to have at your disposal to salvage shaky video footage.

To use the new stabilisation tool in Google Photos’ Android app, tap on the pen icon when viewing a video. From the editing options, select ‘Stabilize’, and Google takes care of the rest.

Google recently updated its iOS version of the app, but as yet the video stabilisation feature is only available on Android.

The update is another tool in Google Photos’ arsenal that should appeal to photographers, who already benefit from the platform’s unlimited photo storage, auto-tagging and object recognition, as well as automated cataloging.

Other new additions to the Google Photos Android app are a range of new smart filters including one that boosts the blues in sky and water.

Click here to download the Google Photos Android app.

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