Google introduces Night Sight mode to Pixel camera

Google introduces Night Sight mode to Pixel camera

Google has updated its Pixel smartphone camera with a new Night Sight mode, which enables users to capture handheld photos in low light without camera shake.

Google describes the new Night Sight mode as adapting to you and the environment. How it works is that the Pixel will now measure your natural degree of hand shake before you press the shutter button.

If the Pixel determines that the handset is stable – such as being propped up on a flat surface – Night Sight will set a longer exposure to minimise noise.

If it detects motion in your hand, Night Sight will instruct the Pixel to capture a series of shorter exposures, capturing less light but reducing blur.

Google says that Night Sight can also adapt in instances where your subject moves during the exposure.

The Night Sight mode will be automatically suggested by the Pixel when the camera detects low light levels, or you can navigate to the mode manually.

Google says it will be rolling out the update to its Google Camera app over the next few days.