Somewhat lost amongst the massive Google press conference today was the launch of Google Clips, a new ultra-portable smart camera that employs machine learning to recognise good scenes and take a photo.

Google Clips, as its name suggests, clips to your clothing and weighs just 59.5g. It employs a system called Moment IQ that uses machine learning to recognise things like faces, as well as optimal lighting and compositional elements.

It’s designed for hands-free photography so you can capture those moments when you don’t have time to press a shutter button.

How the camera works is, when it recognise a scene it records – as its name suggests – short video clips at 15fps from which you can later extract high-resolution still images.

It also features a traditional manual shutter button for those times when you want to take control.

Not much else is known about the Google Clips camera as yet. No further specs have been revealed, and the company didn’t even reveal a release date.

We do know, however, that the Google Clips price tag will be $249.

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