News |Google Clips camera nears release date

Google Clips camera nears release date

Google Clips smart camera uses machine learning to know when to take photos

Google Clips, the smart camera concept announced by the search giant last October at the Pixel 2 launch, is nearing a release date after it was spotted passing its FCC certification.

Variety spotted the Google Clips filing, which was labeled G015A – the same number Google has been using on promotional photos of the camera.

While Google itself hasn’t come out and given an official release date for the Google Clips camera, that it’s now passed its FCC certification is an important final step before a product can go to market. So a release date is likely imminent.

Google Clips is designed for hands-free photography and uses machine learning to recognise ‘good scenes’ and then take a picture. It also offers a manual shutter button for when you want to take control.

Via The Verge


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