News |GNARBOX adds powerful integration with

GNARBOX adds powerful integration with

Gnarbox 2.0 Review

GNARBOX is one of the most advanced and rugged storage solutions on the market. It not only enables you to backup your images and video but with its series of mobile integrations with applications such as LumaFusion and Lightroom CC, it enables you to work anywhere.

Today GNARBOX announces a new software update that adds to the already impressive feature set and adds integration with collaborative video cloud platform

This integration means that teams can work on projects with fast workflow in a way that has never before been possible in such a streamline process.

As well as the impressive integration this software update will add a host of other new features including.

Cloud upload manager
Scaling Pinch zoom for photos
MHL Logs
xxHash64 Checksum
Support for APFS formatted drives
Boost in USB-C Transfer performance
Redesigned Dropbox upload
Software Reinstall for system triage
Security and stability improvements.

If you haven’t already you can pick up a GNARBOX SSD from


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