News |Gitzo releases the Century camera bag Collection

Gitzo releases the Century camera bag Collection

Century camera bag Collection

This year Gitzo is celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary and as you’d expect there’s a whole range of new exciting and ultra desirable products.

We’ve already seen the anniversary edition tripod, but at a cool £1249 that’s well beyond my means. However, now that’s joined by the slightly more affordable Century Camera Bag Collection.

This isn’t just a range of new camera bags, it pulls from Gitzo’s history and celebrates one area of tripod development and innovation.

Gitzo was one of the pioneers of the travel tripod era, and so it makes sense that its new Century Camera Bag Collection has been designed with the traveller in mind. Of course being Italian style also plays a big part.

Being a premium brand you’d expect only the highest quality materials and Gitzo really doesn’t hold back. Italian cow leather is crafted with a carbon fibre texture to reflect the Traveler tripod range and this is mixed with hard wearing and water resistant Nylon.

The new range will consist of three new bags: the Century Traveler, Century Traveler Messenger and Century Compact Messenger.

GITZO Century Traveler backpack

Century camera bag Collection

The GITZO Century Traveler backpack is the largest of the group. It will comfortably carry a medium sized SLR or high end CSC, with 70-200 f/2.8 attached along with two additional lenses.

The size and internal configuration will also fit a DJI Mavic Pro along with the remote and accessories.

Featuring double side access also ensures easy access for the traveller without needing to completely remove the backpack, a great design choice for travel.

Of course as a Gitzo backpack it’s also been designed to carry your 0 or 1 Series Gitzo Traveler, if you’ve skimped on the price of a Gitzo, then shame on you, but if you must, another similar tripod will probably fit.

As a Gitzo product it does pack a punch when it comes to price at £249.95.

GITZO Century Traveler Messenger

Century camera bag Collection

Next up is the mid-sized Century Traveler Messenger, this is an ideal solution for an every day around town messenger style bag.

Featuring a G-Lock flap with Fidlock (We’re not 100% sure what this is but sounds like it’s a secure locking system) that enables easy access with a single gesture.

Again it’s cavity is designed to hold a mid-sized SLR or high end CSC with a standard zoom attached and there’s also room for a 70-200mm f/2.8.

The inner is also large enough to carry a Mavic Pro plus accessories.

At the base there’s a concealed bottom pocket that has been designed to carry a 0 or 1 Series Gitzo Traveler.

The Century Traveler Messenger will sell for £179.95

Gitzo Century Compact Messenger

Finally for those photographers who prefer something smaller then there’s the Century Compact Messenger.

Although small there’s still room for a high end CSC with standard zoom plus a couple of lenses or a Mavic Pro and some of its smaller accessories.

The Century Compact Messenger will sell for £149.95.

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