News |Gitzo releases new Century camera straps

Gitzo releases new Century camera straps

Gitzo Century Neck Strap

Premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo has just announced its latest line, the Gitzo Century Camera straps.

As we’ve come to expect from Gitzo, these are no ordinary straps and feature a modular design. The ethos is that these straps will form part of the Century echo system and will be an integral part of the existing camera bag range.

As with the bag range, the new line of straps is suitable for professional rangefinder and CSC photographers.

Designed and crafted in Italy the straps are made from Italian leather with a carbon fibre look to reflect the carbon used in the Gitzo tripod legs.

The module system enables you to swap straps to ensure optimal fit and comfort quickly. This is all made possible with the G-Lock safety buckles that lock tight to ensure maximum safety when carrying heavy cameras and lenses.

Century Sling Strap

Gitzo Century Sling Strap

The Gitzo Century Sling Camera Strap is designed to sit across the body positioning the camera by the side of the photographer.

Compatible with all DSLR and CSC cameras with a standard 1/4-inch -20 tripod screw.

The RRP for the Century Cling Strap is £79.95

Century Neck Strap

Gitzo Century Neck Strap

Ensuring that it takes the weight of your camera and remains comfortable this strap features a suede-like texture.

Using ring type camera attachments and a universal 10mm wide band the strap easily attached to standard camera loops.

The RRP for the Century Neck Strap is £99.95

Century Hand Strap

Gitzo Century Hand Strap

For ultimate flexibility and security, the hand strap enables a comfortable grip which shooting.

Designed to fit and DSLR or CSC with a 1/4-inch -20 screw.

The Gitzo Century Strap has an RRP of 59.95

Century Wrist Strap

Gitzo Century Wrist Strap

With CSC’s in mind the Century, Wrist Strap is an elegant solution for carrying your camera.

Attaching utilising a universal 10mm wideband attachment for standard loops.

The RRP for the Century Wrist Strap is £44.95

For more information on the new line, check out the Gitzo Century Strap range at

Gitzo release new Century camera straps
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Gitzo release new Century camera straps
Premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo announce modular range of camera straps. These join the Century bag range and feature, Neck, Wrist, Hand and Sling options
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Camera Jabber
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