News |Gitzo releases 2 way fluid head

Gitzo releases 2 way fluid head

Gitzo release 2 way fluid head

Gitzo has launched an all-new 2-way fluid head, aimed at birdwatchers and wildlife photographers.

Designed for use with either a scope or small to medium-sized DSLR or CSC, this new model is a lightweight alternative to the larger gimbal fluid head.

At the heart of this new design is the fluid cartridge and ultra-precise internal mechanism which helps to keep motion free and smooth while still offering stability and fluid motion.

Designed as a head to capture wildlife it needed to be kept light so a choice of magnesium has been made for the main body. This helps to keep the overall weight down to a low 0.6kg.

Although lightweight itself the head can still support a load of up to 4kg, so ideal for a Sony Alpha 7 III with 70-200mm fitted.

Ensuring maximum use and compatibility the 2-way head features a long rubberised Arca-Swiss compatible plate and accurate counterbalance system. This balance will enable you to keep a steady movable base as you capture your wildlife shots.

The fluid head is equally suited to both video and stills photography.

The 2 Way Fluid Head has an SRP inc VAT of £289.95

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Gitzo release 2 way fluid head
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Gitzo release 2 way fluid head
Gitzo 2 way fluid head has been anncounced. Designed for both stills and video this new head is ideal for wildlife photographers.
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Camera Jabber
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Yellowfin Tune
Yellowfin Tune
3 years ago

I bought into the claim this was 600g. But when I measured it at home it was 800g. Returned.