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HOW TO... GIMP software seeks funding for new developments

Makers of the open-source photo editing software GIMP have sought funding in order to develop more advanced features for the platform.

GIMP has always been offered free, but in a recent post its makers have asked GIMP’s users to donate what they can to Øyvind Kolås, who fronts the Generic Graphics Library (GEGL) and is responsible for the recent endeavours to improve GIMP.

Among the features Kolås wants to offer in the new version of GIMP are 16- and 32-bit colour channel processing, more sophisticated use of GPU, support for arbitrary RGB primaries, support for CMYK and spot colors and more GIMP filters.

Kolås asks GIMP users to support the project by making donations on his Patreon page. Kolås says: “GIMP does not redistribute donations to developers/contributors – and I am currently living off savings, I hope Patreon can make my current lifestyle sustainable.

“By being my patron you will support and encourage my continued work improving, documenting and disseminating existing and ongoing research, experiments and development of various technical and creative projects that aid creative expression.

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