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HOW TO... Get more from your GoPro with an #EverydayAdventure

GoPro Sky Divers

We’re fans of GoPro cameras at Camera Jabber, but we don’t jump out of aeroplanes unless we really, really have to.

We love the GoPros’ small size and ease of use, which means you can shoot with them at the drop of a hat in situations where you couldn’t use a regular camera. And let’s not forget the great quality footage you get. In fact, we like them so much that we’ve all bought one (or more in some cases) and we’ve even all bought a GoPro Karma Grip to give us more stable footage.

We know lots of other people who have GoPros too, but one of the common complaints we hear is that they don’t get to use because ‘they don’t do anything worth shooting’. Well, we want to change that, so we’re starting up a campaign called #EverydayAdventure.

We want people to start shooting videos of the everyday things that make up their life. It could be a video about walking the dog, a round of golf or perhaps a time-lapse of your commute. It doesn’t need to be long or complex but think about the things you do every day that could make a fun little film.

The more you shoot, the more you’ll start to see the opportunities that present themselves. And of course the more you shoot, the more you’ll start to discover what makes a great film, whether its at the shooting stage or in the editing.

Upload and Tag #EverydayAdventure

Once you’ve made your film, or films, upload them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channel with the hashtag #EverydayAdventure and tag us @camerajabber. We’ll share the best videos we see.

To be honest, we don’t really care what you shoot on: it could be a GoPro, a mobile phone, a DSLR or a full-frame mirrorless camera, we just want to see your everyday adventures.

With this in mind, and in homage to the Great British Bake-off final, we’re kick-starting the #EverydayAdventure campaign with a time-lapse that I shot when I was baking some brownies.

How to shoot a time lapse video with a GoPro Hero6 Black


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