News |Fundy enlists Graphistudio for album productions

Fundy enlists Graphistudio for album production

Fundy enlists Graphistudio for Album Production

Fundy Software, the creator of the Fundy Designer professional photo album software has joined forces with the respected Italian album manufacturer, Graphistudio, to enable Fundy Software users to order albums directly from GraphiStudio.

This means that photographers can order the famous GraphiStudio GoBook, Young Book, BabyBook, and soon the Wedding Book albums directly through Fundy Designer.

Graphistudio albums are popular with many professional photographers and the company has tens of thousands of customers in 153 counties.

According to the founder of Fundy Designer, Andrew “Fundy” Funderburg, “Graphistudio has always set the bar for high-end album designs. They are the largest and most successful album producer and the only one with worldwide reach. By integrating Graphistudio direct ordering right into our software, all of our professional photographers can seamlessly design, proof, order and ship Graphistudio albums from within the Fundy platform. Simplifying the process and opening new opportunities to augment album sales overall,”,

Fundy Designer v7, released in 2016, has seen huge uptake amongst top wedding and portrait photographers because it reduces the amount of time it takes to design an album while still giving them the creative controls they need. It’s template-free and enables selling either in-person or virtually, proofing and printing from within a single application.

Fundy Designer is available in Lite ($199), Pro ($399) and Album-only ($299) Versions. Follow this link for a free trial or visit to learn more.

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