News |Fujifilm X-Pro3: price, specs, release date announced

Fujifilm X-Pro3: price, specs, release date announced


Fujifilm has has officially launched the Fuji X-Pro3, price tag from £1699, which boasts a titanium body and a new hybrid viewfinder.

Calling it one of the most durable camera bodies on the market, the Fujifilm X-Pro3 exterior is made of titanium. This is enhanced with a new surface-hardening Duratect coating that protects it from scratches.

Inside, the X-Pro3’s framework is made of magnesium alloy, and Fujifilm has weather-sealed the camera at 70 points to prevent ingress of water and dust. You can also use it in extreme temperatures.

Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder

A new Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder lets users switch between the optical viewfinder and the 3.69-million-dot electronic viewfinder. The EVF provides a high contrast ratio of over 1:5000 and the maximum luminance of 1500cd/m2, which helps it display finer details in shadows and highlights.

The X-Pro3’s EVF also adds an Electronic Range Finder function. This displays a small EVF window within the optical viewfinder to help users check settings. It does this by providing the live view and then enlarging the AF point.

Another new feature is Smoothness priority, where the X-Pro3 inserts a black frame between each frame at approximately 100fps to provide a smoother appearance. Fujifilm recommends this mode for fast-moving subjects.


Inside the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is a 26.1-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, paired with Fuifilm’s X-Processor 4 image processing engine.

Its fourth generation X-Trans sensor, Fujifilm has tweaked its algorithm to enable AF performance down to -6EV.

The new Fujifilm camera can also capture multiple exposures of up to 9 frames in its Additive, Average, Comparative Bright or Comparative Dark modes to combine images taken from multiple viewpoints or at different times into a single image.

You can also apply different Film Simulation modes to each of the frames to create a multi-layered collage.

Other new shooting options include an HDR mode and an AF range limiter function. The latter allows you to select from two preset values or use the focus ring to specify a focus range. This then creates a focus preset you can apply to all XF lenses.

Fujifilm X-Pro3: price, specs, release date announced


Another interesting feature of the Fujifilm X-Pro3 is its 1.28-inch, 1.62-million-dot tilting LCD touchscreen. The LCD can flip 180 degrees and is made with toughened glass.

The rear LCD displays shooting settings even when the X-Pro3 is turned off. The screen can be set in Classic mode which displays Film Simulation, white balance and other image settings reminiscent of film cameras, or in Standard mode which displays shutter speed, ISO sensitivity and the number of remaining frames.

Classic Neg mode

Fujifilm has added a Classic Neg mode to its Film Simulation stable. This recreates the bright, high-contrast look of everyday snapshots from the film era.

The X-Pro3 also now allows you to choose the key colour from a matrix of Warm / Cool tones and Magenta / Green hues, incorporating the rich gradation into your images.

You can also now make adjustments to the Clarity and strength and size of the Grain Effect.

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Price & Release Date

The Fujifilm X-Pro3 price tag will be £1699 for the black model. The X-Pro3 price rises to £1879 for the Duratect finish black or silver version.

Pre-order the X-Pro3 black version from B&H Photo Video in the US or Park Cameras in the UK. Pre-order the Duratect finish versions from B&H Photo Video or from Park Cameras.

The Fuji X-Pro3 release date is set for 28 November for the standard black model, with the Duratect versions slated for release in mid-December.

Fujifilm X-Pro3: price, specs, release date announced
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Fujifilm X-Pro3: price, specs, release date announced
Fujifilm has has officially launched the Fuji X-Pro3, price tag from £1699, which boasts a titanium body and a new hybrid viewfinder.
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