Fuji film has announced the winner of its Fujifilm Student Photographer of the Year 2016 award as Gemma Astbury, of Norwich University.

The Curator’s Choice Winner will receive £200 worth of Fujifilm film, a portfolio printed by Metroprint and a one-to-one consultancy session with Metroprint’s top printers.

The winning image ‘Happisburgh Fences’ was shot on Fujichrome Vevia 100 transparency film and cross processed, creating what Astbury calls, ”a dreamlike haze with the rocks standing like a wall between the audience and the sea.”

Fuji’s theme for this year’s Awards was ‘Shoot From The Hip’, and asked that students show skill and knowledge of the rules when shooting from the hip.

All images were taken on Fujifilm Professional film, and the awards were open to all UK students, not just those studying photography.

Director Steve Macleod of Metroprint said: “This photograph has really stuck with me. At first glance the image feels ephemeral, disposable and transient. However when studying in more detail it evokes feelings of past times, memories and loss.”