News |Fujifilm recalls 270k power adapters due to shock risk

Fujifilm recalls 270k power adapters due to shock risk

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Fujifilm has recalled some 270,000 power adapters for some of its XP- and X-series cameras due to risk of electrical shock.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission in the United States has announced that the Fujifilm adapters in question can crack, break or detach and remain in the wall, exposing live electrical contacts.

The agency issued a recall of the adapters on 16 January, which affects the 270,000 units in the United States and about 24,000 sold in Canada.

The adapters recalled were those bundled with the Fujifilm FinePix XP90, XP95, XP120 and XP125, as well as the Fuji X-A3 and X-A10 cameras.

To find out if you’re affected by the recall, you can find the serial number on your camera and check if it’s one of the units affected by searching for it on Fujifilm’s dedicated page.

If your adapter has been recalled, Fujifilm advises charging your camera with a USB cable until a replacement arrives.

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