News |Fujifilm plans to capture 50% of mirrorless market in 2 years… in India

Fujifilm plans to capture 50% of mirrorless market in 2 years… in India

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Fujifilm plans to corner 50% of the mirrorless camera market in India within the next two years, according to the head of Fujifilm India.

Speaking to the Times of India, Fujifilm India Manager Yasunobu Nishiyama said:

“Within the mirrorless market, we would like to have around 50 per cent share in a span of at least two years [NOTE: 50% in India]…

“The company has a range of 25 lenses to support its camera and is adding around 4 lenses every year in it…

“India has always followed the worldwide trends in photography, where share of mirrorless is increasing and by 2020, higher share is expected.”

The claim by Fujifilm India follows a statement by the global brand back in August when it released its VISION2019 plan, which stated the company aims to capture the No. 1 market share of the premium mirrorless camera market by the fiscal year ending March 2020.

Nishiyama added that the mirrorless camera market has posted the highest growth of all digital still cameras in India, posting 300% growth.

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