Fujifilm issues warning about fake branded colour film

Fujifilm issues warning about fake branded colour film

Fujifilm has issued an official warning to customers about reports of fake branded versions of its colour film being sold online.

Fujifilm’s statement to the press explains how you can spot the fraudulent film negatives from the official versions:

Important notice of “Fake Fujifilm branded color negative film”

Unauthorised 35mm film has been offered for sale bearing an unlawful use of the Fujifilm logo and containing unsuitable Motion Picture Film. Fujifilm does not offer these products for sale. See pictures below.

Example of “35mm film non-genuine product illegally using FUJIFILM logo” packed with Motion Picture film (last shipped to the market in March 2013) . Besides 250D in the attached photo, there may be different types such as 64D, 250T and 500T.

In this example, there is a character of “電影” which means “Motion Picture” in Chinese. There is no indication of “電影” on the Fujifilm’s regular 35mm cassette type.

Fujifilm became aware of these unlawful products when they were taken for processing in a photo shop. Attempting to process these films in normal color negative chemistry (CN-16, C41) could contaminate the processing chemistry and risk damage to other customers’ films.

Fujifilm can only warrant the quality of the products which it makes and sells, and would therefore like to draw to the attention of both consumers, processing laboratories and shops the possible risks involved with these unlawful products.

You can buy official Fujifilm 35mm film from retailers such as Wex Photo Video in the UK, and from Adorama in the US.

Via Fuji Addict