Fujifilm issues advisory for GFX 100 shutter release lock error


Fujifilm has issued a repair advisory for a minor issue that affects the function of the shutter release lock on certain GFX 100 models.

Fujifilm’s flagship mirrorless medium format camera has had some reported issues from users who say that its side shutter release lock becomes loose and is no longer able to lock the camera’s shutter.

Fujifilm has acknowledged the problem and identified its cause. The company is offering to repair affected units at no cost.

Fujifilm says the affected GFX 100 models will fall within the following serial numbers, which is located on the inside of the LCD:

92001001~92001975(excluding 92001830, 92001832, 92001833)93001001~93001034, 93001038, 93001039, 93001041, 9300104692A01001~92A0152592M01001~92M01027

Via FStoppers