News |Fujifilm House of Photography opens in London

Fujifilm House of Photography opens in London

Fujifilm House of Photography opens in London

The Fujifilm House of Photography will opens today at 11am at 8-9 Long Acre, London WC2. And if you’re in the area, it’s well worth a visit.

Fujifilm’s UK reps have been saying that the House of Photography (HOP) isn’t a camera shop ever since they announced it was coming. But it was only when I walked in for the press opening that I realised how serious they were.

Fujifilm House of Photography opens in London

Yes, you can buy cameras there. You can also buy film, lenses, camera accessories and print frames, but it feels much more like an exciting place to visit than a traditional shop.

I’m a sucker for the Apple Store, but Fuji’s new House of Photography beats every one I’ve been into. For a start, when you pick up a product to have a play, you can do far more than check the price. There are plenty of photographic opportunities.

If anything, rather than buying a camera, the emphasis seems more on printing your images, whether you captured them on a camera in the store or your phone.

Fujifilm’s full range of cameras is present and you can try them all. Even the GFX 100. There are also mini photo studios available to use for free.

Spread over three floors, the HOP has a club members’ area in the basement, a gallery space on the first floor alongside the collaborative studios and a vibrant hands-on area on the ground floor.

Fujifilm House of Photography opens in London
Interactive panels help you select the lens you need

The first-floor exhibition space is currently of occupied a set of prints of David Bowie by Markus Klinko. These will be on display until the end of December. From January, the Gallery will celebrate Fujifilm’s long-standing partnership with WaterAid.

The Fujifilm House of Photography is open 7 days a week, closing at 8pm on Friday and Saturday. All the staff are dedicated photographers and between them, speak 11 languages to help cater for all the tourists that are likely to call in.

Fujifilm House of Photography opens in London
Theo Georghiades, Fujifilm’s UK’s General Manager, stands in front of London’s biggest living wall, which has been created inside the store

If you fancy popping along today to the HOP, you’ll receive a free Instax instant photography camera if you’re one of the first 100 customers through the door.

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