News |Fujifilm confirms X-Pro 3 development, plus 50mm F1 lens and new features for X-Series

Fujifilm confirms X-Pro 3 development, plus 50mm F1 lens and new features for X-Series

Fujifilm confirms X-Pro 3 development

Fujifilm used its X-Summit in Tokyo to announce that the X-Pro 3 is in development. The new camera is going to be made from titanium to make it more durable than previous X-Series cameras. In fact, thanks to the use of titanium and new coatings, it will be 10x more resistant to scratches than stainless steel. 

Fujifilm has completely revised the optical and electronic viewfinders to make their view clearer and more detailed. The electronic viewfinder (EVF) is also said to have a much great colour reproduction.

In an interesting twist, the back of the camera has a small screen that shows the basic exposure information. It can even show a small image similar to the tab of a film pack that used to be slipped onto film cameras. This will make the selected Film Simulation mode clear.

However, Fujifilm hasn’t completely rejected the concept of having a large screen to compose or review images. On the X-Pro 3, the screen is hidden, but can be revealed by tilting down the back of the camera.

There will also be a new Film Simulation modes called Classic Negative. This will have a nostalgic filmic appearance.

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Price and Availability

Fujifilm hasn’t yet revealed the price or release date of the X-Pro3, however, the company’s General Manager, Toshi Iida, said that there will be more information on 23rd October prior to Fujifest which kicks off on 24th October.

Fujifest is a global festival that will take place in 50 cities across the world. According to Iida, Fuji fans will get the chance to get their hands on the X-Pro3 at Fujifest ‘ahead of its launch’.

50mm F/1 Lens

Fujifilm also revealed that the 35mm f/1 lens that it had announced was in development would be too big and heavy to be of practical use. Instead, it’s going to create a 50mm f/1. optic.

Fujifilm announces 50mm F1 concept lens and new features for X-Series

New Features for X-Series Cameras

Fujifilm is planning to add the following features to its X-Series cameras:

  • Multiple shot for HDR – images will be captured with different exposure values and then combined into one image with greater dynamic range.
  • Focus Bracketing – the camera will automatically detect how many shots are required and where the AF point needs to be for each one. The images can then be merged in software post-capture to create greater depth of field.
  • Multiple Exposure – extending from 2 images to 9
  • Drone and Gimbal compatibility – the drone/gimbal controls will be able to adjust key features such as exposure and AF point.
Fujifilm confirms X-Pro 3 development
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Fujifilm confirms X-Pro 3 development
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