News |Fuji X100F receiving ‘unprecedented interest’

Fuji X100F receiving ‘unprecedented interest’

Hands on Fuji X100F review

A photographer waiting to receive his Fuji X100F has been told by Fujifilm that there has been ‘unprecedented interest’ in the new camera.

Fuji Rumors reports on a Fuji photographer named Darren, who shared a reply he got from Fujifilm when he enquired about the status of his pre-order.

Posting to the X100F Facebook group, the note states:

Thank you for contacting Fujifilm UK,

I am very sorry but the X100F has received unprecendented interest – far more than any previous iteration of the X100 Series. As a result we are unlikely to be able to clear back orders until April. However we do prioritise orders which retailers have told us are for genuine pre orders.

The Fujifilm X World Team

We have to say… it is perhaps our favourite of the X100 series so far. We’ve recently had one on our travels, where we field tested it in real life situations and were quite pleased with the results!

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