News |Is a Fuji X-T2s in the works, and does it have In Body Image Stabilisation?

Is a Fuji X-T2s in the works, and does it have In Body Image Stabilisation?

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A successor for the Fujifilm X-T2 is reportedly in the works, which will be called the Fuji X-T2s, according to reports.

Fuji Rumors reports that Fujifilm is currently working on a new project that will be the Fuji X-T2s and that a release date might not be all that far off.

What’s more, Fuji Rumors has updated its report to state that they’re ‘confident’ to announce that the Fuji X-T2s will feature In Body Image Stabilisation, also known as IBIS.

Fuji Rumors points out that it reported on a similar project a few years ago when Fujifilm was working on an X-Pro1s, but that Fujifilm abandoned the project at the 11th hour.

So it’s worth taking any rumour with a grain of salt. However, Fuji Rumors isn’t often wrong.

What’s more, well-known travel photographer and Youtuber Tony Northrup commented in a re-post over on Mirrorless Rumors:

I use the X-T2 and 16-55 for travel photography, where I never really know what the situation is going to be… and I’m always shocked at how many of my shots have camera shake in them. They don’t have a fast, stabilized normal zoom… So lately I’ve found myself grabbing a stabilized Sony/Panasonic/Olympus instead. I do think it’s pretty urgent. Sensor stabilization is a very practical way to get more sharp shots and let you use lower ISOs in low-light. I’d rather have IBIS than 4K.

So perhaps Fujifilm is making a savvy move, if indeed the rumour is true. We’d also love to see a Fuji X-T2 successor inherit some of the GFX’s features, namely its touchscreen.

Expanding F-LOG to internal recording would also be a nice addition.

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