Reviews |Fuji X-T2 sample photos: raw files after 5 minutes in Photoshop

Fuji X-T2 sample photos: raw files after 5 minutes in Photoshop Review

Fuji X-T2 sample photos: raw files with minimal editing

We’re currently testing the Fuji X-T2. Yesterday we talked about its performance in low light, and today we wanted to shoot some sample photos in some real world situations.
Each of the Fuji X-T2 sample photos you see in the gallery below are real world type photographs, and each image has been subject to less than five minutes of processing to produce attractive or interesting results.

These sample images were all taken at ISO 800 because of the heavily overcast conditions, but noise is controlled well with a fine texture visible at 100%, as well as a good level of detail.

The Fuji X-T2’s general-purpose metering system has so far proved to be reliable and the electronic viewfinder gives a good indication of the image as it will be captured. This means any exposure compensation requirement is usually evident before the shot is taken.

Fujifilm X-T2 raw files

You can see the full resolution images on Flickr here


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