News |Fuji unveils new lens roadmap

Fuji unveils new lens roadmap

Fuji lens roadmap

Fuji has unveiled its latest roadmap for X Series lens development to take into account of the new MK lenses designed for video as well as a new telephoto prime lens and a new ultra-wide angle zoom lens that will come in 2018.

Fuji’s X-series cameras were introduced in 2011 with the X100, followed by the first mirrorless system camera, the X-Pro1 with the X Mount in 2012. Since then Fuji has adopted a fairly open policy over it’s lens development and publishes regular updates to its roadmap.

Fuji lens roadmap

Lenses added to the Fuji roadmap

New MK series of cinema camera lenses for filming video
To meet the growing demand for lenses for video Fuji is developing a new series of optics with the MK moniker. Interestingly, these lenses will be available with the Sony E-mount and the Fuji X Mount.

Find out more about the new Fuji MK lenses.

“Telephoto prime lens” and “Ultra-wide angle zoom lens” for still images
Fuji has announced that its plans to develop a “Telephoto prime lens” and and“Ultra-wide angle zoom lens” to meet the demands of professional photographers and enthusiast photographers and expand the XF lens line-up in 2018.

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