News |Fotospeed to launch Kaiser Vario ND Filters in the UK

Fotospeed to launch Kaiser Vario ND Filters in the UK

Kaiser Vario ND

Fotospeed have announced that they will be distribution Kaiser’s range of filters in the UK.

There’s a full selection of filters that will appeal to a wide breadth of photographers and photographic style.

Leading the line-up in the Vario ND filter. This enables photographers to adjust exposure times through a rotatable element. As the element is rotated the neutral density (ND) strength is changed.  This makes it an ideal solution for Landscape photographers who want to cut back on the kit and for videographers who need to keep a careful eye on exposure.

The Vario ND filter reduces light from ND2X to ND4x which equates to +2 to +8 aperture or an exposure factor of 2 to 400. It will ship in several different diameters. For more information check out





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