Flickr update lets you search for visually similar photos

Flickr update lets you search for visually similar photos

Flickr has updated its platform to let users tailor their searches to find visually similar images to another photo.

Previously only able to search images by titles, tags and descriptions, which meant scrolling through thousands of pages of results, Flickr’s new update introduces what is called ‘similarity search’.

The new functionality employs advanced technology that lets you filter out billions of irrelevant photos to find visually similar images that bear certain hallmarks.

How it works: after your initial search, if you’re looking for an image of a ‘67 Mustang, to use Flickr’s example, simply click the “…” symbol in the upper right of the photo you want to find similar images to.

Another example from the photo-sharing website: say you want to find pictures of tabby cats. You can search for the keyword “cat” and filter by color, but you’ll likely have to scroll through pages and pages of images before manually picking out the photos that match what you’re looking for.

With the new update to the platform you can hover over an image of a cat and click the  “…” menu. Flickr will then analyse that image and show you images its software determines look similar to give you more relevant results.

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