News |First image of the GoPro Hero6 Black surfaces

First image of the GoPro Hero6 Black surfaces

GoPro Hero6 image

First images of the GoPro Hero6 Black have surfaced online ahead of the action camera’s rumoured launch.

A reader sent in the image below to Photo Rumors showing the new GoPro Hero6 Black in its packaging.

We can’t tell much beyond its headline specifications from this image, but the packaging indicates that it can shoot 12Mp stills and 4K video at 60p. We can also see that its body design looks largely similar to its predecessor, the Hero5 Black. And there don’t appear to be multi-coloured options, as we opined in our wishlist!

First image of the GoPro Hero6 Black surfaces

Based on our long experience using GoPro’s we wrote a list of what we expect the GoPro Hero6 Black specifications will be… along with a few we’d like GoPro to add.

GoPro announced earlier this year that it would be unveiling a Hero6 Black later in 2017. Many expect the GoPro Hero6 release date to come this month or by early October.

As well as the Hero6, GoPro has also promised a new VR camera. The GoPro Fusion is due for release in late 2017 as well, but whether its launch coincides with the Hero6 remains to be seen.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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