News |FeiyuTech launches Alpha Series gimbals for videographys

FeiyuTech launches Alpha Series gimbals for videography

FeiyuTech launches Alpha Series gimbals for videography

FeiyuTech has announced a new Alpha Series of gimbals for videographers, introducing the a1000 and a2000, priced from $639 / £669.

The FeiyuTech a1000 is for use with DSLRs and mirrorless cameras weighing up to 1000g, while the a2000 is aimed at larger cameras weighing up to 2000g.

The Alpha Series design mixes flat-bottom with a 360-degree auto-rotate function allowing users to place the gimbal on the ground.

Meanwhile, you can use a companion app for iOS or Android to pre-plan its rotations.

FeiyuTech says an enhanced anti-shake algorithm improves the Alpha Series gimbals’ stabilisation. What’s more, it says the tweaked algorithm improves the gimbal’s power efficiency.

The slanted feature of the gimbal ensures the camera’s viewfinder isn’t obstructed and a slip ring motor means there are no limits to tilt and roll of the three axes.

An integrated four-way joystick control on the handle lets users access different functions, such as axis adjustment in any direction and a trigger button that allows you to enable lock or reset mode.

The company says that the torque of the Alpha Series motor is strong and automatically detects the weight of a camera and matches it, so there is no need to adjust the motor strength manually.

The FeiyuTech Alpha Series gimbals are powered by two 3.7V 18650 Lithium Ion batteries which the company says can run for up to 12 hours.

The FeiyuTech Alpha Series one-handed gimbal is priced $639 / £669. The double-handed, foldable extension is available for an extra $199 / £239.

Or you can buy the whole set for $799 / £899. Get the Alpha on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

You can find more details on FeiyuTech’s website.

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