HOW TO... Fame and fortunes of a photographer in business

Fame and fortunes of a photographer in business

In the first of a new series of guest blog posts, Catherine Connor of Aspire Photography Training explains how to find inspiration when building your photographic business.

It’s sometimes nice to start off with a quote that perhaps sets the tone and theme for the thread within this educational offering.

Being a creative artist is far from easy it requires a great deal of contemplation and imagination sprinkled with the right level of education, stimulation and knowledge; knowledge that liberates you.

” there only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self” Aldous Huxley

Fame – If you are in the first throes of business or perhaps running a well oiled business you will be aware that all businesses need a motivation. All business owners need inspiration – the thing or things that ensure you will work hard for the business, push boundaries doing all you need to do to ensure you succeed.

Ask yourself this ” What would you like your business to be famous for?

Give a great deal of time to this question. What do you really want to be famous for? Will you become famous for:

1. The sheer level of your expertise
2. Your creativity
3. The care and attention you give to your clients
4. Your photographic style
5. Your photographic approaches and experiences
6. The art work and signatures pieces you create
7. Your unique post production and photoshop skills
8. The conceptual styling within the images you capture
9. How you make people feel in front of your camera
10. You and your personality

Then ask yourself ” How near am I to this level of fame? ”  as the fortune maybe just a stones throw away. Fame and being famous for something are real contributors to fortune. Place you and your photography under the microscope this month.

Give some treasured time to the details within your craft, the elements that contribute to your reputation and ultimately your fame.

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This will be such a liberating exercise as it will gift you so many answers…

1. Are there aspects of photography that need development?  This is an exciting position as it triggers opportunities

2. Do you need to devote more time to creative adventures? Do something different this month; join Aspire in London for a photographer meet-up (this could be rather liberating witnessing the works of others in an art gallery).

3. Is now the time to look at the client’s whole photographic experience and perhaps push some fresh boundaries before you become bored?

4. Could styling concepts within the images captured transform how your clients feel about the content resulting in better purchases?

5. Maybe you need to create some epic photographic art pieces that inspire you and others. The artist needs to be liberated

Photography has no boundaries it’s an endless canvas that simply needs filling with your imagination and it’s your imagination that will inspire the fortune! Today’s marketplace is packed with inspirational ideas for the home. We are a nation of home lovers, interiors and design; unleash the designer and photographer within you to deck the halls of many wonderful homes with your art pieces.

If you want more inspiration visit Aspire’s blog or join us on the next The Art of Photography to learn more about liberating your camera and creative potential
Photography captured for Hipping Hall by White Feather & Co with Jenny Heyworth, and styling by Catherine Connor.

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