Facebook updates Messenger app to support 360 photos

Insta360 Nano brings 360-degree VR to your iPhone

Facebook has updated its Messenger app to allow users to send 360-degree photo, as well as support 720p HD video.

The caveat here is that your 360 images and 720p video will need to be captured outside of Messenger, but you’ll now be able to share those externally captured files with friends.

To share a 360 photo, select the image as you normally would in Facebook Messenger and the app will convert it to an immersible format.

Likewise, to share an HD video, select one you’ve saved from your phone or one in your newsfeed.

Users will now be able to identify 360 images and HD videos within messenger by a compass icon for the spherical images and an HD marker for videos. You can also toggle between video quality now using this marker just like you can on YouTube.

Facebook recommends updating your Messenger app for the new updates to take effect.