Face recognition organisation for pro photographers


You may not have heard of Photier yet, but this London based company has developed an app that will transform the lives of many jobbing photographers.

If you’ve ever shot a wedding or event you’ll know the issue of trying to match up names with faces. Everyone wants you to send them their group or couple shots and by the end of the shoot, you have a pocket full of business cards and no idea which face they belong too.

The normal way of handling it is to deflect all enquiries to the happy couple or the event organiser, but now you can send them Photier.

The concept is simple, get the guests to do the work of organising and managing the images. Essentially everyone attending the event downloads and signs up to the Photier app.

Once signed in each attendee follows the instructions, entering in their details, andĀ most importantly taking a selfie.

That selfie is key to the face recognition technology. Once that picture is recorded it can then be used to match their faces in all the other shots, and as they’ve entered in their details the software knows who it is and can assign a name to each of theirĀ appearances.

That’s clever, but what makes this app exceptional is that you can then enable people to access just those pictures that feature them. In fact there’s a whole host of other features and filtering techniques.

Prices start from free for up to 10 users and rise for more users, we’re just checking it out now and will bring you a full review soon.

For more details check out www.photier.com