News |ExoLens Case for iPhone 7 now available

ExoLens Case for iPhone 7 now available

ExoLens debuts case for iPhone 7 with lens attached

ExoLens, the iPhone case announced last autumn which allows photographers to mount ZEISS mobile photography lenses, is now available for purchase.

ExoLens has produced high-end converter lenses for iPhones for a while now, but its latest version – announced in January at CES – is compatible with the iPhone 7.

As we stated in our ExoLens for iPhone 7 review:

“At the core of the ExoLens system is the machined aluminium bracket that attaches to the phone and that accepts the optics.

“The Bracket Frame, which launches today for the iPhone 7 is similar to previous versions. This has a gel liner that sits inside the machined aluminium bracket to cushion the phone and it slots onto the iPhone 7 spanning the width of the phone.”

Get the ExoLens case + 4 lenses for iPhone 6/6S for £59
Get the ExoLens case + 4 lenses for iPhone 6/6S for $59

The ExoLens Case, in essence, allows mobile photographers to attach one of several Optics by ZEISS lenses on their iPhone, covering wide-angle through telephoto and macro.

Lenses attach simply by screwing them into the ExoLens bracket.

The case also offers protection for the iPhone 7 and will be available for the iPhone 7 Plus later this year.

The ExoLens Case is priced $49.95.

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