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evo 4 interface makes audio recording easy

evo 4

Wanting to create a podcast or simply get better voice-overs or music recordings for your videos? Then check out the evo 4 audio interface. 

Audient, the company behind the evo 4, are already well known in the music industry where their equipment is widely used, but less know in the imaging world.

However, as the technology we all use has a greater than ever cross over the evo 4 looks to be an ideal solution for videographers who need a professional audio solution. 

The small evo 4 is an audio interface that enables you to input two mics or mic and instrument into your computer. 

Multiple controls on the evo 4 enable you to manually adjust the gain of the Smartgain button will set this for you. 

A clear layout enables those new to audio engineering an easy route in and those more attuned to audio production will see the benefits of the simplicity of the system. 

The evo 4 features two in and two outputs, direct onboard control, USB Type-C connection, two EVO Preamps with a 58dB range and 113dB dynamic range.

Other features include 48+dB Phantom power, direct input selection, mix and volume buttons.

From podcasting to voice-overs and music production, the evo 4 is a neat box of tricks and well worth a look. 

We’ve just received a review unit in the office and will be taking a look in the next week. 

For now for more information on the evo 4 then check out the site at


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