Reviews |EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K review

EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K review

EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K UHD

4K video at 30fps is fast becoming the norm for the latest generation of action cameras, and that’s certainly the case for the EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K UHD.

The camera has just been launched at and comes in at just under £65. Not only is that cheap but it really shows just how far the action camera market has progressed in the last year.

Buy EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K from

Design elements show that the manufacturer has really paid attention to what action camera users have been asking for, with a simple design that features a quick single release lever lock and thankfully a completely flat lens.

Specifications wise the camera looks impressive with plenty of resolution and frame rate settings. These include 4K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps and 720p at 60fps.

On the front is a 170º wide-angle fish-eye lens that gives footage that characteristic action camera perspective of the world.

A large 2.0-inch screen covers the back for composition, review and viewing settings changes.

As ever the camera comes with a fully featured mobile app that enables you to control the camera remotely as well as review footage and swap between the various shooting modes.

These shooting modes include; Video, Single shot photo, Burst Photo, Interval and Long Exposure.

The camera is powered by a 1050mA battery that supplies the camera with 50 minutes of charge.

As is common with this level of camera, in the box you’ll find everything you need to get started including a wireless remote, waterproof housing, handlebar mount, helmet mount, mini tripod, cable, clip and a selection of sticky mounts.

The EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K UHD Action Camera is available now at

I’ll be taking a look at the camera soon and will bring you the full results.

EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K UHD
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EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K UHD
The EKEN Alfawise V50 Pro 4K UHD promises to be an exciting action camera with 4K video at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps. It's also priced at the entry level.
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Camera Jabber
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