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EKEN is a brand that’s quickly rising through the action camera ranks and the EKEN Alfawise H6s sits in the middle of the range.

It offers 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps, more than enough for any extreme sports enthusiast.

As ever it offers a photo function as well that will capture stills at an impressive 14mp.

Then there’s Wifi so you can connect in with the app and shoot timelapse and remotely control the camera.

The design is of the old in housing design, but here that’s no bad thing as the case is refined with a single level lock sealing the housing closed.

The lens is flat and the buttons are rubber rather than cheap sprung loaded metal which makes them easy to use in all conditions.

Switched on the camera’s easy to navigate with a unique icon based interface.

The build quality is a huge leap up from the EKEN Alfawise V50 which I looked at a few months back and overall this feels like a far higher quality offering.

As the H6s has just arrived and already it’s been out for a couple of rides to test out the features. Initial impressions are good and as soon as there’s a sunny day I’ll complete the review.

At present, I can say for the price so far this looks to be a formidable camera considering the price.


EKEN are making huge leaps forward with the quality of their cameras and the H6s is a big step up from the cheaper V50.

Instantly the quality of the waterproof housing leaps out, this is a traditional housing done right.

The lens is flat, the lever is a single action release, and the buttons are easy to push rubber making them easy to use in all weather conditions.

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It features the bare essentials for an action camera these days, 4K at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps.

There’s also a decent app, this is the EZ iCam which is nice to see as this means there’s consistency in the range.

What makes the H6s stand out from the rest is the solid feel. It covers the basics and feels like a decent quality offering.

Initial thoughts are that the EKEN Alfawise H6s is a camera to be reckoned with; well spec’d, exceptional price and great build quality.


There’s been a shift in the action camera market, or maybe a lull in the technology which has meant that the focus has shifted from greater spec’s to better quality.
EKEN Alfawise H6s Review

The H6s is a balanced action camera, it has the base features and a solid build and comes in at a great price. But, it doesn’t pack in some of the more advanced features we’ve come to expect such as touch screen and voice activation.

However, these are just extras and the H6s supplies the essentials.

It has all the usual resolutions and frame rate s and offers electronic stabilisation: 4K 30fps, EIS 4K 25fps / 2.7K 30fps / 1080P 60fps / 30fps.

It also has the ability to shoot stills at 14MP.

These spec’s are made possible by an A12S75 Ambarella processor and Panasonic 34112 Sensor.

Fronting the sensor is a seven element glass lens with a 170ยบ field-of-view that gives the typical fish-eye look to your images.

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As you’d expect it has a decent selection of connectivity options including Wifi so you can connect to the EZ iCam APP from iOS or Android.

This enables you to control the camera remotely, live preview, photo playback and sharing of selected.

If you want to watch back your footage on TV then there’s an HDMI port alongside the MicroSD slot and USB.

A big feature of action cameras this year is EIS or electronic Image Stabalisation, of which it has a 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer that detects position and motion changes.

When shooting 4K EIS video and the camera tilts, moves shakes, or experiences impact, the sensors inside use an image cross-border compensation algorithm to compensate for the change and produce stable videos.

The design follows the traditional GoPro design of the camera and waterproof housing which will protect the camera down to 30m.

On the back, there’s a large clear 2-inch IPS screen, perfect for composition and viewing your footage and photos.


The test of the EKEN Alfawise H6s has just begun. A couple of rides out with the camera have already proven that it’s a solid performer and I’ll bring you the full review very soon.

If you have any questions or comments then please let me know.

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